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Happened pretty quickly

I’m on month three and lemme tell you when I say it works quickly, it works quickly. Nothing too extreme but just enough to feel good about my progress. I felt real results by month one and I saw real results by month two. Super satisfied and excited to keep going.

Kane Supplement

To be honest. I started taking it four days ago.At the present day I feel no difference. I will give it more time. Thank you for check-in with me. Dan

They work.

Calm mind, expected physical effects.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Steady Energy

I've been taking Kane for over a week now. My energy level seems to have stabilized- no more midday slump. I'm feeling sharp!

The bottle comes very well packaged and shipping time seems about average.

Little but noticable change

Placebo or not, these pills are working for me and give me motivation and energy in where my body and mind feel calm. I want to see how these will affect me after 2-3 months to really the see benefits but this product is amazing

So far!!!

I've noticed more energy and more stamina in the gym! Thank you Kane!

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Noticable improvement!

After a two-month cycle, I've noticed increased energy, muscle growth, and aerobic performance.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Test Results are In

Took Kane for 6 months. Test results are back and I am well above mid-range T levels. In addition my Estrogen is at the low end of Normal. I sleep better and my beard is coming in thicker, and I feel more confident and powerful. These work as intended and I am a customer for as long as this product is available.

really helped me to get fitter

I'm getting acne...other than that I'm Killen it in the gym.

Great product

Been using kane for a few months now seeing great results definately would recommend

Great success with this product.

I saw significant effects about halfway through the first bottle. I think I’m on my 4th now. I’m 50 and I feel it definitely helped with development in my workouts as well as significant increase in libido. Will absolutely be continuing to use.

Can really feel the difference

I'm pretty sceptical of supplements like this, but a health youtuber I like recommended it so I tried it and something is working. I've only been taking Kane for a couple weeks now and normally I would be dubious that any effect might be a placebo, but then I started consistently waking up with a boner and I have more energy during the day too. So something in the formula is working and I will continue to take it.


I have used several different supplements with varying degrees of success. I can say for certain Kane actually worked for me age 35. I was hitting the gym harder, feeling more aggressive and confident at work, and I am at attention every morning now like clockwork. I've always been skeptical about using Tes boosters but these results are undeniable for me.

Kane, so far so good

It is a little early to reach any conclusions, but so far it seems to be working. I commute by bike and I have to climb a big hill to return home and I always have to stop once or twice to rest, but after two weeks of taking Kane I can now return home non-stop and I really feel like I could continue.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men


Not feeling any noticeable changes but only been taking them 2 weeks.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men