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Kane, so far so good

It is a little early to reach any conclusions, but so far it seems to be working. I commute by bike and I have to climb a big hill to return home and I always have to stop once or twice to rest, but after two weeks of taking Kane I can now return home non-stop and I really feel like I could continue.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men


Not feeling any noticeable changes but only been taking them 2 weeks.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

So far so good

I've been taking this now for a few days. For me, I've noticed I haven't been as fatigued during the day. I've also noticed an improvement in my mood. It's also helped with my anxiety, I feel a lot more aware and in control of it. Would like to see how a month of it goes.

It Works!!

At 38 yrs of age in Sept of 2020 I had my testosterone checked, it was 678 ng/dl. This being within normal range but still more is always better and seeing as how with time it is likely to decline I could use all the help I can get. After one month on KANE, taking as directed, I had my testosterone checked again and in Dec of 2020 it was 781 ng/dl. A jump of over 10!! So for this case study I can say that it works, I will do another test at the 3 month and most likely the 6 month mark, and try to reveal those results at that time. For now I say try it, because I can verify that it worked for me and raised my testosterone levels.

No BS just results

I purchased Kane on the recommendation of a YouTuber & gave it 2 months to try it out.

I can say with all honesty, even with some spottiness on taking the evening pills, that this product makes me feel more energized & ready to take care of what needs to be taken care of just about whenever the need arises.

That said, if I don't have enough food in my stomach these can result in me tossing my cookies.
My advice: take these after a decent amount of food. I've taken them after a rather large snack & been just fine.


I’ve felt a lot more energetic and mentally strong!

Felt like a machine bro

I've been taking 2 pills 20 minutes before cardio workouts. Never felt anything like it,.. you just keep going hard.

Good Stuff

After 1 month you begin to feel the effect


I started trying testosterone supplements with KANE then switched to a different brand after I ran out of KANE. Afterwards, I was using the second brand for about two weeks before I threw in the towel and refunded the purchase. I was not feeling/noticing any change from the second brand. Upon switching back to KANE I quickly noticed a mental and emotional shift that I was not receiving in the second brand. This product works well for me. I would recommend trying this brand. I notice the ability to temper my emotions better and a comfortable shift in how I feel physically. Not in terms of energy but in a different aspect I cannot define.

-Andrew Palmer


Great supplemental testosterone booster💪🏽with added benefits

Working as advertised

Not a miracle, but the pills are working as adrvertised.

Surprise Benefit towards CoVID as well as the expected male enhancement benefit

I made my initial purchase for the Testosterone benefits and was surprised to find that the recommended supplements of Zinc and Vitamin D3 to help mitigate CoVID are included in this supplement making this a win/win.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men


Good packaging. The ingredients seem good. Efficacy? I am two weeks in, and feel no different, nor notice any difference. I am sure the zinc and magnesium are good for general metabolic function, and the endocrine system, but that is not what I am looking for in this product.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

1st batch Tested

I was looking for a natural test booster to increase my performance and strive towards a set goal. I am quite pleased with the product and will be ordering a 2nd batch. Following my 2nd batch I will record my testosterone level and compare them to my pre-use. Looking forward to the results


It is a good product, but the shipping cost are too high it makes the total price too pricey even for Switzerland.


I’ve been taking Kane for about 2 weeks now and I can feel the difference. A lot more motivated when I work out and have more energy and even sleep like a baby at night. I’m excited to see how I feel at the end of the month! Thank you Kane

Well worth the wait

After months of waiting I finally received my order a couple days ago and I love it. I can tell there’s already a change in my sex drive, whereas before I started the pills I could maybe have sex every 2 or 3 days, now I’m constantly ready to go. I also feel a change in my energy I no longer have trouble getting out of bed. Overall I would highly recommend these pills I need to go get blood work done to see my testosterone levels right now and another test in a couple months but I can tell it’s going to be a lot higher. As someone who has struggled with low testosterone and weight problems since the age of 17 this stuff is a god send.

Effective & Properly Dosed

Second time buying, first time was the pilot batch. Love it for a few reasons, for one I already took Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin D. So to not have to take those three everyday separately now is so convenient it almost feels like cheating. You can tell the other ingredients are high quality because both the Ashwagandha and Fenugreek are patented extracts proven in clinical studies... basically shows the people making Kane are ok with paying 3x more and cutting down their own profits in order to make it the best quality, which I seriously feel that when I take it.

I just Love This!

My order came quickly and everything was sent in a discreet manner. The product itself is super effective. I do not workout as much as I would love to but my physic doesn’t show that. I just love it. Thank you!