KANE™ - Clinically Supported Claims

When taken daily, ingredients in KANE™ at their respective servings are clinically supported to:

  • Supports healthy levels of free testosterone*
  • Promotes fertility in men*
  • Reduces recovery time following activity*
  • Supports muscle mass*
  • Promotes healthy energy levels*
  • Helps reduce normal symptoms of Andropause in men over age 40*
  • Help reduce stress, cortisol levels and stress-related cravings*
  • Help promote enhanced memory and cognitive function*
  • Help promote endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate*
  • Help enhance testosterone in men*


All claims above are Structure & Function claims or registered Health Canada claims for some of the ingredients in KANE™, provided by the ingredient manufacturers

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Based on 64 reviews
Review after 9 days

So far I haven’t experienced any benefits after using this product for nine days, could you tell me how long it usually takes to get any kind of results?

Oh boy.....we are going to reply in our no-filter style. No offense meant! We are just going to be direct.

First, for some reason some people come in with the perception it is a stimulant, ie you take KANE and suddenly feel like Hulk, sweaty ripped and ready to fight. The product is NOT a stimulant! You will not take it and instantly really feel anything! This is totally normal.

It is not realistic to expect any kind of significant change in 9 days, especially when it comes to your body needing to increase PRODUCTION of something (T is made in your gonads good sir!).

Let me put it this way, if you were taking full on Testosterone Replacement therapy - the synthetic testosterone that shuts your balls off and replaces your body's natural production - it would take about 3 months for your blood tests to hit your doctor-set goal. Unless using some kind of dangerous and insane pharma protocol, it would be near impossible, to completely overhaul your body's hormone profile in 9 days especially from food, supplements and lifestyle.

That's not to say something couldn't be noticed within 9 days, generally some people start feeling more relaxed and sleep better. Slowly, you should notice less high and low energy fluctuations throughout the day - you should have more balanced energy.

You will see from most previous reviews, and our subscribers (best way to take it and best deal $) that they have been taking it for 1-3+ months.

At 30 days in, you should have definitely have noticed some elements of change, especially with overall energy levels, recovery and maybe some sexual health benefits.

Keep at it young sir! If at 30 days, you still notice absolutely no difference whatsoever, not even a small change, than its likely not working for you.

At that point, you are welcome to be part of the <1 of our product returns group, as we offer a 60 day refund.


Wasn’t sure it was working, until…

I had been taking Kane for a few months, but wasn’t sure it was doing anything until I began working out again in September. I can absolutely attest that there’s no way without Kane that I’d have made the gains in muscle mass and loss of belly fat that I’ve seen in the past three months. My body is responding to strength training better than it did when I was 30. I feel sexier and have received compliments from strangers at the gym who’ve also noticed the difference. Thanks!

Chris you look amazing! Inspiration for all the boys here!!!! Great shirt pick too! We love the pattern!

Haven’t felt this way since college

After a month, I have definitely noticed more “get up and go” energy in my day. Nothing can easy fix everything in life, but KANE feels like a finger on the scale for my energy and libido.

Thank you so much for your review Sam!!! We really appreciate and hearing customer get results they are looking for makes us very happy :)

So far soo good

I’ve been taking Kane for about a month now… Once daily… Have noticed a difference in libido… and my muscles look fuller…

Great Test boosted!!

Got my butt up to finally get into the gym again!!!!

Excellent Supplement

This supplement works as advertised. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I have a greater sex drive. This is money well spent.

Thank you Kris! We really appreciate this, and nothing makes us more happy than hearing about your growth, happiness and success with the product!!!

Received it pretty fast despite the fact I'm not in USA, I started about one or two weeks ago and I feel motivated I don't know if this an effect of this product. My body hasn't changed that much but I def didn't loss muscle.

Hello Lucas! We are going to roast you a little bit lol.

Lucas.... you've been taking it for 'one or two weeks', your body most definitely didn't change much!!! lol 1 or 2 weeks? Common guy! Plus, this product won't change your body form, only you can do that!

Supporting natural testosterone WILL help you 'feel motivated', get more energy, stamina and strength. But it won't change your body, and you definitely need to put in more than 1-2 weeks!!!

Sounds like you are off to a rocket start though!

Really you need 3 months of continued use to see the biggest benefits. Keep at it! We hope the effect continue to grow and you achieve all your goals!

Maybe then you will relieve us of this 3 star shot . Love yah, keep at it!

Happened pretty quickly

I’m on month three and lemme tell you when I say it works quickly, it works quickly. Nothing too extreme but just enough to feel good about my progress. I felt real results by month one and I saw real results by month two. Super satisfied and excited to keep going.

Woooo what a review. We love it! First, so happy to hear this success and thank you so much for taking the time to come back and share the good word!

As we do mention, results stabilize but are most notable at 3 months. You should definitely notice changes well before that, but thats likely when the peak is hit and sustained for natural testosterone support.

Love it

Really works

Thank you! Short but sweet, and nothing makes us happier to hear than those magic words 'it works', which we hope translates to 'you're happy'. Thank you!

Kane Supplement

To be honest. I started taking it four days ago.At the present day I feel no difference. I will give it more time. Thank you for check-in with me. Dan

Thank you! Please note, we mean this with love, but YOU WILL NOT FEEL IT IMMEDIATELY, It takes 3 months to hit peak results. Generally 2 weeks in, you should feel some effects on mood, energy and stress, 6-12 weeks, the gains, motivation, strength and real results should start becoming apparent. Even TRT takes THREE MONTHS IN FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS - thinking this will work in a few days is beyond unrealistic! We want to be clear for everyone! (an this is NOT TRT, this is a natural supplement to support healthy levels of testosterone)

Keep at it young king! You will get there, trust the science, trust the word.

didn't help my Lobito

didn't help my Lobito

Hello Gary! It looks like you left the review after about 2 weeks of usage. You will need to give it more time and make sure you take it everyday and sleep well!

They work.

Calm mind, expected physical effects.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Kidneys didn't take to the supplements well.

I had to urinate constantly, every five minutes or so and my kidneys were hurting. Perhaps I have kidney issues I need to have checked out. That being said I did notice I had increased energy and felt very motivated to workout, if only I could without needing to stop to run to the toilet every 5 minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to write this review! PLEASE CHECK YOUR KIDNEYS!

We can't be sure of your age, but if over 40 like many of our customers, liver and kidney issues can become apparent. Any herbal extract will put some level of stress on the kidneys and liver. If they are healthy, you are totally fine. If there is an issue...it can just exacerbate it.

We do have a warning on the website and bottle, as its the responsible thing to do since many of our customers are men over 40.

Be well and get checked!!!!! Don't neglect bloodwork!

Steady Energy

I've been taking Kane for over a week now. My energy level seems to have stabilized- no more midday slump. I'm feeling sharp!

The bottle comes very well packaged and shipping time seems about average.

Little but noticable change

Placebo or not, these pills are working for me and give me motivation and energy in where my body and mind feel calm. I want to see how these will affect me after 2-3 months to really the see benefits but this product is amazing

So far!!!

I've noticed more energy and more stamina in the gym! Thank you Kane!

Don't know yet

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Noticable improvement!

After a two-month cycle, I've noticed increased energy, muscle growth, and aerobic performance.

No changes yet

im on my second order and havent noticed any changes. Im interested in knowing how long most customers have waited to see any effectiveness.

Hello Thierry!

Late reply, but better than never. The truth is, nothing will work for everyone. It will be difficult to hone in since I don't know your age, current T levels etc.

If you are young, healthy and have STRONG T levels. They won't change this way. Maybe a tiny tiny tiny bit, but nothing substantial. There are other benefits however, like energy and muscle recovery the other ingredients offer.

KANE is best for those looking to naturally lift current non-optimal levels through the use of our dietary supplement. If you are prime, and/or pretty young, early 20's....its not going to do too much truth be told.

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

KANE™ - Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills for Men

Test Results are In

Took Kane for 6 months. Test results are back and I am well above mid-range T levels. In addition my Estrogen is at the low end of Normal. I sleep better and my beard is coming in thicker, and I feel more confident and powerful. These work as intended and I am a customer for as long as this product is available.

Oh this is a glorious review - thank you sir! This makes us so happy to hear. We appreciate you coming back and throwing down the bloodwork proof. We put a lot of work, and risk, into making this product in an oversaturated (scammy) segment of the supplement market. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing the real world results and happy customers.

really helped me to get fitter

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